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Life Energy Flows through all Living Things

Welcome to ILotus Wellness

Empowering you to heal from within.

Discover Reiki and BEMER Therapy with Tasha Miles

Learning to listen to your body beyond the physical and understanding the connections to mind and spirit creates a balance like no other. It can be a lonely road stepping into your truth but motivating, encouraging breakthroughs, and redirecting energy can result in personal and professional growth and healing.

Reiki Treatment

Be on your way to the next best version of you right here.

Let Reiki put you into a relaxed state, while BEMER therapy aids in the proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal within the body. Learn more about BEMER Therapy HERE.

Reclaim your health today! Schedule an appointment to experience your best life.

Join Tasha Miles, your wellness coach twice a month and learn about the benefits of Reiki and BEMER Therapy. Subscribe and stay up to date on upcoming events.

Free Online Educational Events


1st & 3rd TUESDAYS of each month starting at 8 pm. Online presentation of BEMER Therapy


Q&A on ZOOM at 7 pm eastern time. Contact here: 

Discover for yourself what Europeans have known for 20 years

• How lying on a mat twice a day for 8 minutes each time can give you more energy!

• How a better night’s sleep can become a reality every night!

• How to easily reduce stress and anxiety by just lying on a mat 2 times a day!

• How you can easily improve your focus, concentration & memory!

• An effective, non-invasive way to reduce discomfort in your body without side effects!

• That your goal for more endurance, and a better quality of life is within reach!


Want to know more?

I'm here to help you implement lifestyle changes to heal and improve your physical health. Send me a message so we can get started

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This is where transformation begins.

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