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Bemer Therapy

BioElectric Magnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) is a medical device that improves blood circulation in the human body and facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to their destined location. FDA-registered consumer medical devices with many benefits.


BEMER devices deliver a patented therapeutic signal using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to stimulate muscles, which causes healthy muscles to contract, temporarily increasing blood flow and enhancing local circulation for improved performance and recovery. This ensures muscles are supplied with ample oxygen. In addition to these benefits, BEMER also supports stress reduction, relaxation, and rest. BEMER devices are safe, non-invasive, and easy to use, allowing you to improve your health in just 8 minutes.*​

*BEMER Products are not a substitute for medical care. BEMER products are FDA-registered Class II medical devices. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions or diseases. Please consult with your own physician or health care provider if you have any medical concerns. 

BEMER Benefits

• Enhances local blood-flow

• Enhances oxygen supply

• Enhances muscular strength

• Enhances endurance

• Enhances vitality

• Enhances stress reduction and relaxation 

• CO2 Removal 

Poor Local Blood Flow  | Good Local Blood Flow

Interested in a complimentary session, discussion or demo? Contact us! Monthly BEMER rentals are available for $600/month.

Want to purchase your own system? Order HERE.

  • What should I wear for my BEMER Therapy Session?
    Please wear comfortable clothing that allow you to move easily.
  • How should I feel after my BEMER Session?
    Results are always individualized. Many people do not feel anything when they have their initial BEMER session, while others do feel a noticeable change in their body. The BEMER signal lasts 12-16 hours in the body, so you many feel results throughout the day. Many people feel they have more energy and might have the best night's sleep they've had in a long time even after their first BEMER session.
  • Can the BEMER therapy cure diseases?
    BEMER is not a disease-specific application. Its effects on the circulation and the resulting improvements to the supply and removal of substances to/from the body's cells allows these cells to produce and supply increasing amounts of energy, and therefore carry out their tasks (production) in a more functional manner.
  • Can I use the BEMER with metal implants?
    Because of the low intensity of the magnetic field used to transmit the typical BEMER signals, the BEMER can be used with all metal implants (e.g. surgical screws, discs, suture clips, etc.)
  • Can BEMER be used by people with electronic implants?
    The electromagnetic fields used in BEMER technology cannot cause any faults to pacemakers or defibrillators, providing that the implant complies with the European standard 45502-x for these implants the doctor uses the device correctly. However, you should check with the manufacturer of the implantable device to confirm that it will not be adversely affected by the electromagnetic field the BEMER emits. The maximum average flux density (intensity) of the BEMER on it's highest output level is 150 microTeslas.

 “BEMER helps reinforce all the steps that I’m taking in preventative care, so I can live a long, healthy and active life. I started using BEMER twice a day for 8 minutes and it dramatically improved my energy levels – I feel great.“

– Brooke Burke 

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