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Distance Healing

What is Distance Healing?

Distance Healing, also known as Remote Healing, is the relaxing transfer of energy from a practitioner to the recipient, no matter where they happen to be. Distance Healing has the ability to be effective without the need for physical presence and can be felt across any distance.

How does Distance Healing work?

To explain how distance healing works, you first have to think about how energy is sent and received. A practitioner of Distance Healing is able to channel the energy from themselves to the recipient by focusing light and information on the recipient.

Why Distance Healing? 

I have been blessed with being able to help many people with my Distance Healing sessions, particularly during the challenging times when social and physical contact is difficult. The treatments have been able to help my clients deal with stress and anxiety along with depression and even sleep disruption.

Not many people can grasp the rationale behind distance healing. This prevents them from using this healing practice to their advantage. the rationale or logic behind distance healing is quite simple: we all exist in unison and are part of a single energy source within a unified and intelligent field. 

Benefits of distance healing


Distance healing uses the universal energy field rather than touch. It can aid in:


• Deep relaxation and harmony.

• Calm anxiety and emotions.

• Clear toxins from the body.

• Improve memory.

• Have more clarity.


Healing for your good


The purpose of distance healing is to provide the recipient with wellness that is holistic, which can be used in conjunction with medical practice. In other words, distance healing is a treatment that complements medicines to ensure a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Heal no matter where you are

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